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Viper, Kentucky

Cover - March 2011, #81, Renee Jacobs feature story.
© Ross Periodicals, 2010
Title of cover photo: "Girls in Onion Patch," '04, Shelby Lee Adams
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Shelby receives honor and support from the Guggenheim Foundation.


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Guggenheim Party

To honor the people of Eastern Kentucky who have helped make and continue to support my photography for 36 years now, we had a country cook out on June 27th, 2010. We celebrated my receiving the Guggenheim Photography Award for 2010 - 11 with the Riddle Family's Annual reunion. We had a beautiful day on top of a mountain near Viper, Kentucky. Much food was brought and shared, horse shoe games played, playing the Corn Hole game, shooting match, live music, singing hymn's, country dancing, stories told, and many photographs made, including the wet plate process with invited artist Bill Schwab photographing and demonstrating this historical photographic process to all.

PR Announcement, self-portrait 2010

Road to Party - Photographer Renee Jacobs

Master of Festivities, Photo by Paul Paletti

Examples of Food: Breaded catfish made with buttermilk and beer batter, Chicken and Dumplings, Fried Chicken, Garden fresh green beans and peas, zucchini bread, corn bread, biscuits and rolls, Lasagna and the usual amount of hot dogs and hamburgers and much more.

photo SLA

Terry getting started. photo SLA

"Your pictures, they are about culture, showing how different people live, how one person is just different than another. You got to learn how to deal with all people. It's just like black people and white people. You know some racist, they look at it different. Not me, I look at it totally different. That's what your tryin' to show people, to me. That's a part of our church and everything here, in Eastern Kentucky, about God. There's love and kindness in all things and take a man, as who he is. I'm more accepting of all peoples, denominations in church, races and whatever you want to call it. I see good in all people. I've seen your ways, from growin' up under you; you're tryin' to teach people. I've watched you. You're showin' they's somethin' good in all of us, as individual people. It don't take a well knowledged person to understand the feelin' of love and kindness, when you see it in someone and their works, you feel it."

Terry Riddle, Viper, KY-October 2007

Part of The Riddle Family

[Amy and Rachel front/right of photo]

Organizers and cooks. Pat Turner [left] and Janice Reynolds [back], additional cooks and organizers.

With special thanks to Paul Reynolds [not in photo] for scouting the location and receiving permissions.

To all who helped in many ways, small or large, a hearty Thank You.

Rachel Riddle in photo made 1987,

Amy and Sheep, 1990, photo SLA

Bill with camera and subjects, photo SLA

Rachel being photographed by Bill, photo by Paul Paletti

Rachel, photo by Bill Schwab

Quote from end of "Black & White" magazine article, by Renee Jacobs.

Title: Portraits from Appalachia*

Perhaps his subjects summarize Adams's work best. Rachel Riddle, one of his best holler friends, who he's known and photographed for about 28 years, describes the financial and moral support Adams has provided, whether it's helping to drill a well or replace a stove that's burned up. "He's not trying to make something that it ain't. Makes it come out just like it ought to be. I really appreciate everything he's done for me. He's helped me out many different ways. He's like family. He's always been that way. One of these day's, I'll be a part of history. Long after I'm gone, the photographs will still be here.

Playing "Corn Hole," photo by Shelby

Frank whom I met at cook out and photographed at home two day's later.

Out of town guest, Paul Paletti, Renee Jacobs, Bill Schwab and Monty McMCutchen

Renee getting make up by Savana [Terry's daughter] before being photographed.
photo SLA

Renee, photo Bill Schwab

Roy playing music for group.
photo Paul Paletti

Roy, Friend and musician, photo SLA

Roy, 2003, photo SLA

People relaxing in shade at cook out, photo SLA

FRY and Shelby, photo by Sara

Fry and Sara, 1999 photo SLA
[assignment photo -New York Times, 1999]

Hobert and Arlis, [father and son], photo SLA

Shelby shooting Shotgun, photo Paul Paletti

Monty sharing photographs made with his 20x24 camera.

Savana eating water melon, photo SLA

Photo Crew, photo by Bill Schwab

My heart-felt thanks to one and all.

Shelby Lee Adams

***Renee Jacobs published her article/interview in "Black and White Magazine," after her visit to Kentucky, June 2010, Issue #81, March 2011, this article and portfolio was selected by "Black and White" magazine for their March featured cover. "Girls in Onion Patch," was the title of photo used for cover and the same photo was also part of my submitted Guggenheim Portfolio.

Girls in Onion Patch, '04


Rachel, Jerry and Hooch-a-pap, 1987

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